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It used to be that an STD was the end of the roaring singles life. That is no longer the case. Medical miracles, educational breakthroughs, and a new openness about sex and sexuality have given STD Positive Single a new opportunity for romance that would have been denied in the past. Moreover, there is a new breed of online dating sites that cater to young (and not so young) singles who have STDs including Herpes, HIV, HPV, and hepatitis. If you are single and living with an STD there is no reason you have to remain single.

Positive Single

Why has it been so hard for STD Positive Single to date in the past? The main reason for the difficulty has been in the awkwardness of explaining the situation. Many singles who suffer from STDs would rather suffer in silence and spend weekend nights home alone than go through the painful embarrassment of explaining their predicaments to potential dates. Some avoid dating for fear of potential and completely inaccurate stereotypes that may arise from the discovery of their STD status and others are simply too embarrassed to tell anyone in the first place.

STD Positive Single shouldn't have to suffer alone and there is no need to punish yourself indefinitely (or for the span of a lifetime in far too many cases) because of your positive status. There are many risks in life and for people who are STD positive there are even more as depression is often a constant companion to those who withdraw from society and important social interactions like dating. In some cases, this depression can even lead to suicide, especially among teens or younger adults who suffer from STDs. The good news is that times and attitudes are changing when it comes to STDs and there are options that do not involve a lifetime of being alone and lonely ahead of you.

The one critical rule for STD Positive Single to remember is that your disease or condition does not define you unless you allow it to. There is no reason for you to allow yourself to be defined by any illness. You alone have the power to decide what defines you. Make it something you want the world to know about you rather than the fact that you have an STD. Make it a happy thought that defines you instead of one that makes you feel ashamed.

Positive Single Dating

In the internet you will be able to find a lot of places where you will be able to search for friends or people you want to date with. However, not all the websites are safe, because there is a chance that the personal information that you have shared will not be safe. Furthermore, you will have to make sure that the people, you will have relationships with will not have STDs.

Positive Single

One of the safest websites I have ever seen is Positive Single Dating, where you will learn how to make sure that your personal information is protected. Furthermore, there are a lot of links to blogs and forums, where you will learn a lot of information about the STD treatments and prevention. Remember that the STD are some of the most dangerous diseases and they can result in a lot of serious health problems if they are not treated on time properly.

In Positive Single Dating you will be able to find more than 300 tips, which will help you to make sure that you are going on dates safely. That is very important, when you are looking to find a dating partner in the internet, because there you can't be sure exactly who you are talking with and there is a chance that the person you see on the photos is not the same as the one you will see in the real world. Furthermore, you can't be sure that the person you have chosen does not have an STD or even HIV, which is one of the diseases that can't be true.

The best feature of Positive Single Dating compared to all the other dating websites is the fact that you will have access to one of the largest online informational databases, where you will be able to find a lot of information about STD, HIV and any other diseases that may be a result of sexual intercourse. There is no way that the website can make all of its members to make STD and HIV tests, but it can provide information that you will be able to use to prevent getting some of those diseases, because prevention is the best possible medication.

Due to the improvement of the modern technologies each one of the aspects in our life is changed and the same goes for dating. When you are looking for a website where you will be able to find a partner for you, make sure that you will take all the safety measures, before having sex with him. The reason for that is the fact that you can never know if the partner you will find in the internet have such health problems. At Positive Single Dating you will not see some kind of STD or HIV tests, but there you will have access to a lot of information about how to prevent STD and also to learn some of the basic rules for safe online dating, which will help you to make sure that person you will be dating will be looking the same way as you have seen it on the photo.

HIV Positive Single - 7 Tips For Successful First Dates

First dates can be a daunting process especially for those dating for the first time after learning of their HIV Positive Single status. With your confidence at an all time low it can be hard to actually relax and enjoy the whole process. What you need is a few pointers to get you in the correct frame of mind in order for you to enjoy getting rid of your HIV Positive Single status once and forever.


Your emotions are going to be running riot, this is normal. However you must remember what this date is all about. It is an opportunity to get to know each other and that is all. If it does not work out, what have you lost? Well actually nothing. But you have gained the advantage of knowing that he/she was not the one for you. So hey great... onto looking for the next possibility that may end up being the one you have been searching for to end your HIV singles status!

Dating as an HIV positive single means that you are probably a little agitated and so trying to relax before your big date is a great idea. Taking a slow relaxing bath is a wonderful way to unwind. Make sure you have time for a really leisurely soak and take the telephone off the hook and turn off your mobile to ensure that you will not be disturbed.

Another way to relax is by listening to some calming music. This is great when you are dressing and doing your hair as it will hopefully help to take your mind off of what you are getting ready for.

Dress Accordingly

One easy way to get worked up is by not being able to work out exactly what to wear. For this reason it can be a good idea to try on your clothes the day before. Knowing where you and your date are going will help you be able to correctly dress for the occasion. The last thing you want is to turn up at the cinema in your expensive cocktail dress or in your dinner jacket.

Dressing also includes shoes. Ladies need to ensure that there shoes fit the purpose. Yes heels are great for showing off your legs but not so good for a romantic country walk. Also try not to wear new or tight fitting shoes as you do not want blisters to ruin your evening.

Finishing Touches

Remember this is not a big deal. You are dating with HIV, and Positive Single have as much right as anyone. All you are going to do is discover if you have anything in common with this other person. Make sure you look and smell nice. But there is really no need to go overboard. Make up should be natural looking as the majority of men do not like women to be all caked up.

Also try and arrange your hair so that it is as easy to handle as possible. Now is not the time for ultra hold styles. You do not want to have to keep popping to the toilet every half an hour to check how it is holding up. Also go easy on the products. Should things get romantic later on and home in on a goodnight kiss, your date will not want to get caught up in a sticky birds nest.

Remember to clean your teeth before leaving. And dab on a few spots of after shave or perfume to wrists and neck. Again do not go overboard - you want to smell nice not overpowering.

Be Ready to Ask Questions

Have a few questions prepared in advance so that should any awkward silences come into play, you are ready with a covering question. Just think of nice easy conversational questions about your date. Everyone likes to talk about themselves so by making the questions personal you should easily be able to fill the lulls. But beware do not ask anything you would not be prepared to answer yourself, as after answering they may ask you the same thing.

Get Yourself to and From the Venue

No matter if you are male or female, it is a good idea to make your own arrangements concerning transportation. This way you are not reliant upon your date taking you and you can leave whenever you wish. Also should the date not work out then they do not have your home address.

Drink in Moderation

When you are nervous it is easy to reach for your glass and keep taking a sip. Then before you know it you have finished the glass! So be careful and try and drink slowly. Always remembering that if you have not eaten alcohol will get into your system that much faster. Drinking water in between glasses of alcohol will cut your consumption by half.

Enjoy Dating as an HIV Positive Single

At the end of the evening, finish the night off with a goodnight kiss and nothing more. Hopefully this will leave both of you in a state of wanting a second date. Hence you will be half way to eradicating your HIV Positive Single status with this one step alone.

The most important point of all is that you enjoy yourself. HIV Positive Single can have as much fun as anyone else and should do so. HIV should not govern your life, you need to live life and enjoy each step of the way. For if you are enjoying yourself chances are your date is not either. So relax and have some fun and hopefully you will soon be removing yourself from the HIV Positive Single group.




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PositiveSingles.com - the best, most trusted and largest anonymous STD dating site!



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