Dating Someone With Herpes

Dating Someone With Herpes Tips

If you have been dating someone with herpes, and they reveal to you they have herpes it can be very scary. You are probably wondering how you can become intimate with this person without endangering your own health. You may have even considered not seeing this person again. However, just because someone has herpes it doesn't mean they cannot live a normal life. You just have to be a little more careful when it comes to intimacy. Read on to uncover a few great tips for dating someone with herpes.

Before you become intimate with someone who has herpes it is a good idea to get yourself tested for all types of sexually transmitted disease. If you have been sexually active there is a chance you could have an std and not know it. It you can get a clean bill of health you both will know where you stand when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases. You will also be aware of any precautions you must take.

Dating Someone With Herpes

When you are dating someone with herpes you may think that condoms are the only thing you need to protect yourself. This is not entirely true. Condoms will only protect you from herpes if they cover the area where the outbreak or shedding is occurring. However, in most cases herpes will have spread to other areas of the genitals in which condoms cannot cover. So you should not depend upon condoms alone to protect yourself from herpes.

The best way to protect yourself from getting herpes is to have an open line of communication with your partner. Some people will be able to tell when they are getting ready to have an outbreak. These people may have a tingling sensation in the genital area. Abstain from sex during this time. For those with herpes, taking a prescription or herbal medication can greatly reduce their chances of having an outbreak and passing it on to their partners. The best thing you both can do for yourselves is to reduce your stress and follow a healthy lifestyle. When you are able to keep the body's immune system healthy you can reduce your chances of getting sick.

Dating someone with herpes can be done safely. Just because someone has herpes it doesn't mean they can't live a normal life. You both need to be responsible and take the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of this disease.

Dating Someone With Herpes - The Issue of Awareness and Ignorance

Dating someone with herpes might be a little off particularly to those who do not have herpes at all. But how do you exactly know if you have herpes or not? According to studies, almost 90% of herpes infected individuals do not exactly have the awareness that they already incurred the disease. Since mild herpes do not actually have symptoms, unless the outbreak comes out or you have yourself tested, this will be the only time you will know you have one.

Dating Someone With Herpes

As herpes can be transmitted in many different ways, the big question falls on this? "Is it safe to date someone with herpes"? In actual fact, dating someone with herpes requires the identification of the severity of the disease itself. Although it is awkward to ask someone concerning this type of infection, a thin line between taking heed and curing herpes and those people that do not provide treatments at all will all determine the disparities.

If someone you are dating has herpes for a long period of time and is undergoing medical treatments, doing the deed with a protection will somehow make a difference weigh against sleeping with someone who doesn't have an inkling of having herpes and definitely is not doing anything to cure it.

Dating someone with herpes need not be a big issue. Even if this disease is tagged along with a dim-witted stigma for it being a form of a sexually transmitted disease, do you think you have laid yourself open to greater risk without the discernment between sleeping with a person curing herpes and the one who have unconsciously acquired the disease without providing any treatments at all? You choose.

6 Tips To Dating Someone With Herpes

It's not a social stigma to Dating Someone With Herpes. You need to understand that the disease is quite common in the US, and around one in six people has it. Most people come to know about the disease when they suffer from a breakout of nasty blisters. If you want to date someone with this disease, you may want to follow the tips given below.

Get a test done

If your partner admits that he or she has herpes, you should go ahead and get tested. According to doctors, more than 70% people have no idea if they are infected with this disease. You don't need to worry if both of you are found positive. You just need to take steps to treat the condition, and it's OK if you keep on dating.

Use Meds

You should be as careful as possible. You may know that herpes is contagious and it's a must that you take precautions. If you want to prevent the transmission of disease, we suggest that you go on meds like Acyclovir and Valtrex. This will reduce the chance of the spread. Apart from this, you need to make sure that your partner takes the required meds before you get intimate.

Get to Know More about HSV

You may want to know as much as you can about HSV. Jumping to conclusions is not a good idea. Reading up on the disease will help you stay on the safe side. At the same time, you will be able to have a lot of fun with your partner.

Don't have an intercourse while the outbreaks happen

It's not a good idea to get intimate with your partner when the breakout occurs. Predicting the outbreaks of herpes is not an easy job. To be on the safe side, we suggest that you stay away from sexual intercourse before, after and during the outbreak.

Use protection

While using protection can't give you a 100% guarantee that the infection won't occur, but it can reduce the chance of catching the disease to a great extent.

Provide emotional support

You may want to support your partner on an emotional level. You may want to know that it takes a lot of courage to admit that you have herpes. So, if your partner has told you that he or she has the disease, you may want to listen to her or him and provide emotional support. You should keep in mind that bad things can happen to anyone, including you. Therefore, you may want to tap on the back of your partner and help them get over it and get the most of out their life.

Long story short, if you are planning Dating Someone With Herpes, we suggest that you follow the tips given in this article. You may want to know that the disease is contagious. So, you need to be a bit more careful so you don't get the disease while getting intimate with them. Hope this helps.

Has someone you’re dating revealed to you that they have herpes? Not sure what to do or where to go from here?

Here’s a bit of advice:

If you are not ready to take the risk yet then don’t.

Next keep in mind that you certainly do not have to sleep with this person anytime soon, so doing a little research to become more familiar with the topic is highly advised. Once you’ve done your own investigating into herpes and recognize the risk, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision as well as having taken the time to know whether this person is worth that risk or not.

The risk of contracting herpes is relatively high, even when dating within the general population, so that’s something you might want to consider. With as many as 90% of those who live with herpes not knowing they have it and possess the ability to transmit it, in some cases, you may be at lesser risk of contracting it from someone who knows they have it and recognize their symptoms and outbreaks completely.

There are ways in which the person who has herpes can help to reduce the risk of transmission to the non-infected partner such as proper condom use, abstaining from sexual activity during outbreaks and taking suppressive therapy Valtrex. Valtrex has been studied and has been found to reduce the risk of transmission by as much as 73%. That’s relatively high if you consider this person knows their body and can take all aspects of the virus into consideration when avoiding sexual activity that may pose greater risk.

One thing that MUST be considered when making your decisions is have you been properly tested? Not just the run of the mill STD screen, because those are not complete in most cases. Check with your doctor to see exactly what you have been tested for and request that you be tested with type specific herpes tests.

Once your results are back, you will know all details of the playing field and how best to approach this particular situation.

I’d strongly recommend never brushing off a relationship that could have rewarding potential on the grounds of a herpes infection alone. Had my husband done that, we’d never have gotten married and had the strong relationship we have today.

In the majority of cases I’ve seen, people who live with herpes and disclose this information to potential partners were not the ones who were deceptive when contracting it. In a large number of cases, these honest people are the ones who were deceived and should not be penalized further for having fallen victim to the desires to be loved.
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